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The Jim Thorpe 5K Championship Run beat its past two year record participation by having more than 200 runners! With only three years in existence, the Run included a second record and awarded 81 year old Esther Torivio, Acoma Pueblo, for beating the New Mexico state record in the 5K! The race was held at SIPI in Albuquerque, New Mexico on June the 18, 2011.

The race was in partnership with the Thorpe family and Native Re-vision, a Texas based non-profit organization. Michael Daney is the founder and a former coach at Haskell and SIPI. He is also a former track runner at Haskell and has coached several championship teams.​

The Race once again successfully accomplished its goal to get youth and elders to a community event and wellness for all people! This year the race was sanctioned by the state of New Mexico so all records set will be on the official state records. The ages ranged from 3 to 81. The spectators were treated to a Pueblo throw (gifts thrown out to a crowd of attendees) and had lots of fun honoring another former Haskell coach, Gerald Tuckwin! Numerous tribes and locals attended to th join in this unique event!